Research Centers

On the global stage, Incheon National University's aims to be prominent in six specialization areas: applied technology (industry development), global convergence (international trade), knowledge services (specialty workforce), regional cultural studies (language), marine science and urban science (sustainability). The pillars reflect an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to research across the whole university that provides opportunities for students and faculty to work together with industry to innovative and apply knowledge. Some of INU's more prominent research centers and institutes are listed below.
Incheon University R&D Center

The Incheon International Development Cooperation Center (R&D Center) provides industry training and promotes industry-academia cooperation for business incubation and tech-transfer to show the tangible impact of INU academics on enterprise world-wide. The center supports students in developing entrepreneurial skills.

Social Science Research Institute

The Social Science Institute conducts various academic activities covering the whole of social sciences, research and policy development. It publishes the 'Society Science Songdo Journal' twice a year and manages several community cooperation projects.

Humanities Research Institute

The Humanities Research Institute contributes to the development of the humanities through basic, publishing of academic papers and conferences.

China Overseas Cultural Institute

The agenda of the China Overseas Cultural Institute is to replicate China's research base in Korea. The Center studies the the social and economic practices of modern China to apply the Chinese development model to improve the long-term sustainability of Korean industry by combining Chinese and Korean practices.