Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Vu Tu visited INU

Vietnamese Ambassador to Seoul, Nguyen Vu Tu, visited INU to encourage and empower Vietnamese exchange students in INU. 

Vietnamese students recorded over 80% of the share of foreign students among 1500 international students, that came for Korean language study. 
The number of Vietnamese students even surpassed Chinese students, which has been a major participant of INU Korean Language Institute for the recent years. 
Within this high demand in Korean language, Vietnamese ambassador Nguyen Vu Tu visited to meet and encourage Vietnamese students in INU. 

On this day, Vietnamese Ambassador met every single students to send a message of support. 
Mr. Nguyen Vu Tu encouraged student to do their best on the study, regardless of tough and harsh way to walk down in a foreign country.
President Cho of INU received the appreciation reward from ambassador, in terms of his contribution toward Vietnamese students' education. 
President Cho and Mr. Nguyen also had a time to share the ideas and experiences in educational development. 
INU newly converted Foreign Language Education Center, Korean Language School, Confucius Inse into 'Global Language Institute(GLI)', to lead the globalization of the school.
Each institution invested a special effort to attract foreign exchange students, and its indicative result started to show as a rapid increase in exchange students.  

President Cho commented on Vietnamese students as 'priceless treasures', and additionally commented that its our duty to nurture them into 'global leader' in Vietnam.