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Set your direction, step boldly and discover greatness.

Incheon National University has tremendous breadth and depth in academics, with 64 undergraduate and more than 40 graduate programs. As a national flagship university, INU has an outstanding reputation for student achievement, learning, research and preparing future-ready global leaders. Make your move. Choose a program of study to pursue and begin your career at INU. A list of INU programs of study in alphabetic order is provided below.

Colleges & Departments

Incheon National University's academic structure consists of 12 colleges with 40 departments and major programs. You will discover a wealth of knowledge and creativity in each department and the department you choose will become your academic home at INU. The following is a list of our degree-granting academic colleges and departments.

Graduate School

Incheon National University offers advanced degrees through its Graduate School, which currently includes 41 master's and 30 doctoral degree programs. Find the best graduate degree programs to extend your education and enhance your skills. Browse the list of programs below for more information.

Graduate Programs

Department Master's Combined
Korean Language and Literature
Korean Language Education for Foreigners
English Language and Literature
German Language and Literature
French Language and Literature
Japanese Language and Literature
Chinese Cultural Studies
Public Administration
Urban Policy and administration
Politics and International Relations
Mass Communication
Library and Information Science
Business Administration
International Trade
Northeast Asian Studies
Social Welfare
Urban Planning and Policy
Early Childhood nature-friendly education
Life Science
Consumer Science
Clothing & Textiles
Cosmetic Science & management
Marine Science
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Industrial & Management Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Safety Engineering
Energy and Chemical Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Information and Telecommunication Engineering
Embedded Systems Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Environmental and Energy Engineering
Urban Construction Engineering
Architecture Design and Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
International Climate Cooperation
Urban Convergence Engineering
Bioengineering and Nano-Bioengineering
Human Movement Science

Professional Training

Incheon National University helps professionals enhance job-related skills through life-long professional development and training. Below is a list of the training and certificate programs that INU offers to organizations and professionals as part of our continuing education services.
Join a Professional Program

Global Education

Global education is an active learning process focused on bringing about change in society. It incorporates universal values like diversity, social justice, and collaboration with and learning about cultures, geographies, histories, and current problems of all the world's regions resulting from globalization forces. Global problems include widespread and complex issues such as poverty, inequality, uneven wealth distribution, global warming and human rights that require research, in-depth understanding and action from creative global citizens. Learn more about INU's global studies below.
2+2 Plans

Our 2+2 plan is your pathway to a university abroad. INU has alliances with many international universities to provide dual-degree programs for students pursuing degrees in various fields of study. These programs allow you to earn a degree both from INU and one of our partner institutions at the same time. You can spend your first two years at INU and then transition to another highly respected university around the world to finish your degree. Having two degrees provides you increased job opportunities and a breadth of experience only possible through a truly global education.

School for Northeast Trade Studies (SONAS)

Korea is currently the 15th largest economy in the world, and is considered as an emerging economic powerhouse, leaping toward Asian leadership with its neighboring countries of China and Japan. SONAS is an in-bound program focusing on Korean Trade and Commerce specifically designed for for international students.

Language, Literature & Culture

Incheon National University's language, literature, art, music and culture programs offer international students opportunities to learn foreign languages and become familiar with Asian cultures. Korean Language Institute is a great way for a dedicated student to perfect his or her Korean in an immerse setting at the heart Korea.

Incheon International Development Cooperation Center (IIDCC)

Launched through the joint efforts of INU, KOICA and Incheon Metropolitan City, the Incheon International Development Cooperation Center (Incheon R&D Center) promotes cooperation in the area of international development and aims to increase Official Development Assistance (ODA) in the Incheon Area.

International Exchange

Incheon National University's Office of International Affairs welcomes exchange students from our sister universities around the globe. INU has established agreements with many universities worldwide and is pleased to be able to offer many international opportunities for INU students. For information on partner universities, program details and how to apply, please see below.
Study at Incheon

Find out how you apply to visit INU as part of an exchange program with your home university. Office of International Affairs can help you navigate your way to INU.

Go Abroad

Discover where you can travel around the world to study and work while attending INU. Student can choose to visit 175 sister universities in 36 countries around the globe. The Office of International Affairs can help currently enrolled students interested in a Study Abroad experience.

Buddy Program

The International Buddy Program was created to ease the transition of international students to INU.  It pairs new international students with current students who provide the friendly face, helping hand, and first Incheon friendship. Buddies offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at Korea.

Stay for the Summer

Incheon National University invites interested students from all over the world to study in Korea for the summer. In the four-week International Summer Institute program all lectures are given in English by professors from foreign partner universities. Students may select from a range of courses exploring the emerging challenges and opportunities in the global environment.