President’s Message

Hello and Welcome to Incheon National University!

Incheon National University has been growing rapidly since 2013 when it became the university corporate with Seoul National University.

Relentless innovativeness and challenge have always been the driving force of our university.

At the inauguration, I promised to build a new national university model based on a flexible university operating structure and a culture of innovation that made our university unique in Korea.

Through reform supported by members, INU will be reborn as the university leading the era and opening the future.
I can summarize my management and goals in four main directions.

Firstly, I will build a metaverse education infrastructure that combines online and offline for nurturing future talent.
Secondly, I would fully support research infrastructure by establishing the INU Institute,
a world-class signature research institute for each specialized field.
Thirdly, I would set regional and national development agendas.
Lastly, I would establish a community companion platform.

Since its incorporation as a national university in 2013, INU has achieved remarkable growth in research, start-up, and global fields thanks to active financial support from the government and Incheon Metropolitan City and the efforts of internal members.

The number of international papers published has increased by 420% since incorporation, and the budget of the Industry-University Cooperation Foundation has also increased by 15%, contributing to the enhancement of regional and national competitiveness.

To support and lead the development of Incheon, which became the economic capital of Korea, we will establish a university-industry cooperation platform closely connected with the region and discuss issues with Incheon Metropolitan City.

Thanks for your continuing support, and I hope you enjoy watching our continuous growth.

President, Incheon National University

Jong-Tae Park